Hear Tim’s Voice

Quick Showreels

Listen to or download these collections of my actual broadcast work (the e-learning one is the exception, that’s just a demo – my e-learning work is non-broadcast so not usually cleared for public consumption).

Tim’s Corporate Voice
Tim’s Commercial Voice
Tim’s Character Voices
Tim’s TV Narration Voice
Tim’s Radio Promo Voices
Tim’s E-learning Voice

Corporate and Explainer Videos

Many people have explainer videos made without even knowing that they’re called that. Essentially any video of a few minutes’ length that is specifically about your product or service is an explainer video. While the read is always informative, it can be serious or fun, conversational or managerial sounding, energetic or laid back. It all depends on the script and what you the client ask for. Here are some I’ve voiced recently, along with more general corporate videos.


Commercials can require a hard, medium or soft sell. They may even call for an element of “character” voicing. Here’s some TV and online examples I’ve performed.


Here’s some TV narration and promo I’ve voiced – calm and serious, or urgent with a hint of drama.