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A neutral British male voiceover, confident, crisp and characterful yet still warm and friendly

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Hello, I’m Tim Bick, a quintuple award-nominated British male voiceover artist and voice actor based in the UK, with a warm, friendly and sophisticated tone. I have many years of experience voicing commercials, TV programming and corporate video, being the go-to voice talent for many household names and global clients. I produce broadcast quality audio with a quick turnaround, and I am a Professional Member of the World Voices industry association. Have a listen to the demos above to hear the difference that a British voice over could make for you.

Then get in touch to see how I can help with your project via email at or phone at +44 7515 992173.

British Male Voice over Awards nomination for TV commercialOne Voice badge 2022

Quintuple Nominations for One Voice Awards!

Shortlisted in 2018 for TV Commercials

Shortlisted in 2019 for Live Event Announcer/Voice of God
Male voice over artist award for Voice of GodOne Voice badge 2023

Shortlisted in 2022 for Male Voiceover Of The Year

Shortlisted in 2023 for Male Voiceover Of The Year and Voice of God


Vox awards finalist badgeVox awards finalist badge 2British male voiceover award badge 2023 Vox voice awards

Seven Nominations for Vox Awards!

Shortlisted in three voice over categories in 2021

Shortlisted in two voice over categories in 2022

Shortlisted in two voice over categories in 2023

A Special British Male Voiceover…

  • Suitable for UK or international voiceover work that requires a distinctive tone from an experienced professional voice over artist.
  • Reassuring, melodious, trustworthy and authoritative, with a friendly wink when occasion demands.
  • A British voice actor recording voiceover in British English as a native language. A naturally RP or Home Counties British accent, with a variety of regional British accents also available.

Industry Standard Voiceover Rates…

  • As you would expect from a professional British male voiceover artist, rates are in line with industry voiceover guides such as GVAA, Gravy For The Brain and Usefee.
  • Tailored quotes that take your usage needs into account, so just ask me for a price for the voice over and I’ll respond the same day.

Professional Studio Voice Sound…

Advert, Corporate, E-learning British Male Voiceovers…

  • …documentary, radio and TV station imaging, promo, television narration, museum audio guides, explainer video, in-store announcements and podcasts are just some of the categories where I’ve provided British voice over for clients worldwide.

Voiceover for International Companies

Client voice over uk logos for BMW Johnson and Johnson Fiat Co-op Volvo Zeiss Pfizer Unilever Cambridge University Press Universal Music Qatar Airways

Client voice over uk logos for BP Lloyds Knorr Jaguar Land Rover Citrix Siemens Veritas Seagate NFU Mutual

Vaillant ITV weather bumper – rainy version
Ahola logistics commercial
SMITE gaming character voice – Martichoras
Qatar Airways Commercial
British Male Voiceover | Tim Bick | 2018 Projects
World Table Tennis Promo Voice
Sussex Beds commercial
Microsoft for Public Health Corporate
Inter Milan football promo
Mark Keeble
Mark Keeble
August 11, 2023
A true professional in all aspects and a lovely guy. No need to ever look elsewhere!
Mohanned Khallof
Mohanned Khallof
January 5, 2023
Tim is one of the best voice over artists I've ever worked with. Fantastic voice, on-time delivery - just spectacular! Absolutely highly recommended
Steve Bristow
Steve Bristow
November 16, 2022
Tim Bick nailed the brief and is great to work with.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson
November 15, 2022
Helpful, professional and did a top quality job...would totally recommend tIM
Benjamin Partridge
Benjamin Partridge
November 15, 2022
Always a pleasure to work with. Great voice and also a great sense of humour.
Michael Jasten
Michael Jasten
November 15, 2022
Very good cooperation. Perfect result. Highly professional.
Johannes Felder
Johannes Felder
November 15, 2022
Great Work, always a pleasure!
Maria Ines Velez
Maria Ines Velez
November 1, 2022
Quick and accurate with the recordings. Professional is the best word to describe him.


Tim Bick British voice actor colour headshot.
Harold Halibut adventure game finally released – along with some other terrific voice actors, I provide voiceover for several characters in this, recorded some years ago! Well, perfection takes time.

TV commercial for the National Parks Conservation Association – great to do an ad for something you truly believe in, which in this case is protecting moose from a planned mining road. A US ad with a UK voice.

ITV Weather sponsorship bumpers for Vaillant – currently airing until October 2023 on Meridian, West Country, STV and LWT.

Character voicing for the game Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader – some character voice acting as the Heretic NPC.

Brighton Fringe Festival theatre – a voiceover for an AI car in a futuristic play, which meant I could go to the theatre and be in both the audience and the play at the same time. Beat that Rylance!

Audio tour for De Korhaan distillery in Belgium – sadly no free samples were received after providing voiceover for this tour for the makers of gin, liqueurs, advocaat and other desirable items.

The voice of a wind turbine for Ahola transportation – fun to do a British cockney character voice for this cheeky Finnish turbine blade.

Monstrous voicing for long-running video game Smite – exciting to play Martichoras, King of the Manticores, a legendary human-gobbling monster.

Sussex Beds ads on ITV – a couple more commercial voiceovers for discount beds, often running just after Emmerdale on ITV.

Voice of God for the International Spirits Challenge awards in London – always a joy to have the opportunity to declaim forcefully over dramatic surging music with a bit of live voiceover while everyone in the room is forced to listen to you at enormous volume.

Web commercial for Twitter – a fun little ad based on a story a Twitter user wrote when they were a child. And I got to do some squeaky voices so no complaints.

More voicing for the Beef and Dairy Network comedy podcast – in case you haven’t heard of it, this is the most brilliant comedy podcast in the entire world. I don’t think that’s overstating the case. I don’t write it by the way.

ITV Meridian commercials for Sussex Beds – a couple of voiceovers for commercials for discount beds, running in the much coveted This Morning slot on ITV on British television.

Corporate videos for Emirates Airline – a series of films celebrating the heroic achievements of airline staff.

Video for Haribo – so it turns out Haribo not only made some black gummi bears, but also some black guitars shaped like gummi bears, and then filmed this promo at a German heavy metal festival. Cue me, doing my growliest deadly serious trailer voiceover, over flames and that.

More Voice of God style voicing for the International Table Tennis Federation – having recorded a series of promo videos and ads for the World Table Tennis tournament over the years it was great to be asked back again to provide dramatic voiceover for another one.

PGA golf rankings explainer voiceover – and a bit more sporty stuff here, explaining how golfers are ranked against each other. It turns out it’s terrifically complicated so I can only hope that my lengthy ramble helped someone understand it!

SAP product videos – a couple of scripts for enterprise systems software behemoth SAP. If you don’t work in IT you’ve probably never heard of them, but they are absolutely everywhere running corporate computer operations. There’s probably a global sewage pipe manufacturer that is similarly unsung. And if you are that sewage pipe maker, get in touch if you need a British voiceover!

If you have landed on this page because you’re actually trying to find out how to become a voiceover artist, then this is a good place to start your voiceover journey, providing voice training and advice focussed on a wide variety of countries including the UK.
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