Professional Voiceover Studio


Much of this may only be of interest to audio nerds but even if you don’t care about the detail, the important thing to note is that my studio produces professional top-quality audio in the file format of your choice, be it WAV, MP3, FLAC or whatever you need. My default is to provide a 48KHz 16 bit WAV file of the recording but this specification can be dialled up or down at customer request.

Dialogue synchronisation is supported by the ability to import video/audio to the workstation, enabling precise matching with actor’s mouth movements.

Music and sound effects can be added if required.


Studio Equipment

Should you want to direct the voice recording session, the studio is equipped with the means for you to do that remotely and hear what is being recorded via a variety of Internet technologies; Skype, Source-Connect or ipDTL (which can connect to ISDN). Or you can do it the old fashioned way and simply dial a telephone number and be patched into the session.