Medical Narration

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Tim Bick tackles your medical script with warmth and humanity, as well as clinically precise pronunciations of all those multisyllabic medical terms.

  • Medical narration is a blanket terminology for everything from extremely technical descriptions of disease treatments and medical conditions, to educational material aimed at patients or practitioners, to more straightforward explainer videos for medical products or services. One thing they frequently have in common is a surfeit of words that are unfamiliar to the layperson, and as such require precise research to achieve correct pronunciation.
  • For effective medical narration the voiceover artist needs to be scrupulously accurate, and, as ever, consider who the intended audience may be; for patients a calm, sympathetic tone is required, while for medical professionals the client often demands a very factual sober read.
  • Understanding the flow of the script is key so that the vocal delivery is as natural as possible, with due emphasis on appropriate words and phrases to bring clarity to the message and meaning of the script. As ever with voiceover, we may not completely understand what we’re saying, but the skill lies in both making it sound as if we do and voicing it so that the listener understands completely. This is rarely more true than when voicing medical narration.
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Medical voiceover by voice actor Tim Bick