Voice Of God Voice Over/ Live Event Announcer


Welcoming guests, announcing stage speakers or awards winners, or simply letting your audience know where the toilets are - Tim Bick conveys it all with authority in a clear, friendly voice. The Voice Of God voice over has never been so down to earth! (unless you want an X-Factor style read - he can do that too)

Live, In Person At The Event…

  • Tim works with your production crew and show caller to ensure all the announcements happen on cue, so when the lights go up and the music starts, his voice will fill the room. Script preparation and checking pre-show is key, so Tim does his homework before he even gets there. He can also ad-lib when required, to take account of unexpected events on the night or just to provide additional information to the audience.
Voice Of God Voice Over Demo
Download this live event announcer voice demo

Or Pre-Recorded In His Own Studio…

  • If you want to cue the announcements yourself as is increasingly common, Tim can pre-record every word of your Voice of God voice over in his studio beforehand (and you’ll save on his over-extravagant backstage demands for his own personal masseuse and 50kg of Turkish Delight). Often the script will be altered several times, often at the last minute, but you have no need to worry as Tim will be on hand to re-record any late changes and rush them to you.
  • He can also pre-record video segments that are to be projected on screen in front of the audience, and has recorded such segments many times for international conferences.

A Nationally Recognised Voice Of God Voice Over…

  • Tim was shortlisted for a One Voice Award for his live event announcing work in 2019.
The International Spirits Challenge
  • In 2022 Tim was invited to voice the live announcements at the prestigious International Spirits Challenge awards show, held at the imposing building that houses the Institute of Civil Engineers in Westminster, London. Such events often need a sizeable crew to run – there are people to do lighting, projection, music, on-stage live mic audio, stage speaker management, direction – so the Voice of God voice over is just one component of a finely tuned machine. Here’s a shot of the room just before the event started from the point of view of the Voice of God voice over artist!
  • Preparing to perform Voice of God voice over at the International Spirits Challenge 2022
It's Not Just Live Events...
Game show requiring voice of god voiceover
  • Voice of God voice over is also used for TV shows, typically Saturday night telly and game shows where a disembodied voice will be required to "tell them what they've won". This is the natural home for the booming, excited style of declamatory exposition that generations of viewers have grown up with and that mysteriously never seems to go out of fashion, although these days it's done in a tongue in cheek manner where we all KNOW it is somehow a cliché and being used semi-ironically. Tim is a natural fit for this type of voicing, since he's a bit of a show off and has a natural tendency to shout unnecessarily - in polite society he will of course be told to shush, but is allowed to blossom when hired to make announcements on television. The key is to keep the tone warm with a little wink in the voice while battering the viewers' eardrums.
Cup for best Voice of God voice over
An awards show trophy