Podcast Voice Over


Tim Bick’s voice creates an effective and memorable brand for your podcast. Don’t get lost in the welter of other downloads – stand out by announcing your presence with a recognisable and authoritative introduction, segment your content with spoken idents at strategic points, and bookend it with a matching outro. Podcast voiceover doesn’t have to be boring.

Credible, Official and Professional Podcast Voiceover…

  • Podcasts need an official identity that sets the tone of its presentation, and that could be a serious authoritative declamatory voice, something intimate, inviting and friendly, or a light-hearted, relaxed read. Tim can tailor your podcast voiceover so it fits the tone and style of your content.

Listener Retention Needs A Good Intro…

  • A third of podcast users switch off only five minutes into the episode. Grab their attention with an arresting intro voiced by Tim Bick.

Cross Fade To A Podcast Host…

  • With his experience in radio presentation and superlative sight-reading skills, Tim can even host your podcast.

Tim Bick podcast voiceover provider