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SMITE gaming character voice – Martichoras


Tim Bick humanises your gaming dialogue and adds whatever additional drama you need, whether it's pure evil, dripping sarcasm, or gallant bravery. Specifically trained in creating character voices by renowned coach Yvonne Morley, Tim has an extensive toolbox of vocalisation techniques to ensure every character has its own distinct identity. And his soundproofed and acoustic engineer-designed studio will ensure every nuance is captured with sonic perfection.

Games Voices – Characters or Narrators..

  • As well as creating character voices, Tim can also act as the invisible narrator that features in many games, drawing on his vast storytelling experience across voiceover genres such as audiobooks and
    commercials .
Gaming Character Voices
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Harold Halibut

  • Tim voiced a total of seven characters for the hotly anticipated forthcoming claymation style adventure game Harold Halibut . Much of the script involved a degree of humour that allowed Tim to draw on his murky past as producer and performer of a radio comedy sketch show. Here’s a roughcut of one of the games voices.
Harold Halibut Gaming Character

Monster Voicing for SMITE

  • For the February 2023 update to the long-running game SMITE, Tim brought to life the legendary game-origin character the Manticore, now named Martichoras. This is part of their 10th anniversary Year Of Monsters, and Tim has created a terrifyingly low and guttural voice designed to paralyse his game opponents with fear and awe.

The Legend of Sir George Somers

  • Tim contributed several character games voices to Bermuda Island Games’ tribute to their island’s founder, including a rather scheming William Shakespeare!
The Legend of Sir George Somers
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