Explainer Video Voice Over


With hundreds of explainer videos under his belt, Tim has perfected the art of voicing them in a relatable, personable way. His warmth and believability allow Tim to really communicate the value of your product to your chosen audience.

Explainer Video Voiceover To Grab Your Audience’s Attention…

  • However great your animation or live action shoot is, it needs an engaging voiceover to verbalise the message and deliver the call to action. Tim is equally comfortable explaining cloud storage, cash cards or carpets.
  • To boost your conversion rates further, Tim provides authoritative and articulate delivery.
Explainer Demo
Download this explainer voice demo

AI Can’t Relate to Customers…

  • Auto-generated voiceover isn’t capable of understanding your product message – as an actual human being (last time he checked anyway) Tim speaks to your leads like a friend, and when required, one with an actual sense of humour. Take that, auto-bot!
  • When an explainer presents first the problem, and then the solution, Tim can switch his read from concerned to optimistic and reassuring. Robots don’t have emotions. Probably just as well.
  • While it’s true that you can have a conversation with an AI, it will never sound like it really cares. So don’t expect it to be super-excited about your new business idea.
Explainer video voicing by Tim Bick