Automotive Voice Over


Vehicles with excitement, reliability and character need an automotive voiceover to match. Tim Bick delivers, whether you need gutsy acceleration, a warm inviting tone to bring out the best in a luxury interior, or a dry wit to accompany the family road trip.

More Miles Per Minute of Voiceover…

  • Whether your campaign needs more power in its powertrain, or you just want to set it to cruise control and listen to a soothing low purr, Tim Bick’s automotive voiceover can drive you where you need to go.
  • And for true automotive advantage, Tim’s efficiency and reliability keep you on the road to success. He doesn’t record in his garage though, but rather a fully soundproofed and treated studio.
Automotive Demo
Download this automotive voiceover demo

A Track Record in Automotive Voiceover…

    Tim is an experienced voice talent with a solid track record across a range of models, such as commercial, training materials, and in-house corporate video. Whether the requirement has been for a gritty, serious approach, something ethereal or simply professional and explanatory, he’s voiced for a range of globally recognised vehicle brands, including:
Automotive voiceover expert Tim Bick
Automotive voiceover expert Tim Bick
Automotive voiceover expert Tim Bick
British voice actor Tim Bick