The Voice of Santa Claus


What does Santa’s voice sound like? A cheerful, booming voice with a knowing wink of course. And that’s exactly what Tim Bick delivers on his sleigh every Christmas for commercials, in-store announcements and even special phone messages for the wee ones.

A Cheeky Voice of Santa…

  • Santa Claus is anything but boring when voiced by Tim – he’ll always inject a dose of cheekiness along with the usual dollop of good cheer. Tim finds it helpful to eat fifteen mince pies before embarking on a recording as it gives the voice that nice rotund stomach feeling.

Echoing Down Your Chimney…

  • Tim has been entertaining children and adults alike as the voice of Santa for years, and if you want he’ll even toss in a few elves for good measure!
  • A Christmas elf

Christmas Commercial for shoe manufacturer U-Power

  • Tim was delighted to be asked to be the voice of Santa for U-Power’s 2021 Christmas advert, and there was some discussion of how many “ho’s” should constitute a Father Christmas laugh. In the end they settled on the traditional three. Instead of mince pies or brandy, this particular Santa Claus prefers a gift of some robust work shoes. Which makes sense when you think of all those chimneys he has to climb up and down, Blink and you’ll miss it but Tim’s Santa pops up right at the end of the ad.
  • U-Power Christmas Commercial 2021

  • Contact Tim any time of the year for an instant dose of Christmas cheer, voiceover style.

Tim Bick inappropriately dressed for the voice of Santa