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Tim Bick brings engagement and clarity to audio guides, with deep experience in audio tour narration that encompasses museums, exhibitions, nature reserves, houses and apartments, and sites of historical interest. It's all recorded from his professional home studio, where he occasionally gains additional inspiration by gazing out of the window and imagining the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Museum Audio Guide Voiceover to Make Places and History Come Alive…

  • No tourist wants to be bored by dry delivery, so Tim lifts the spirits with intelligent, empathetic reads that use his storytelling skills to bring history, exhibits and sites to life.
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The Playing Card Museum

Some ancient playing cards

Buildings, Cities, or the Great Outdoors…

  • Tim can tackle museum audio guide voiceover for visitors indoors or outdoors, whether you need a whole city guide or an art exhibit narration.
  • His highly informative style has been deployed in both pure audio guide form and with accompanying video by national and local museums, conservation organisations, and real estate agents
  • And if you fancy a really really long walk across the whole of Europe you can hear his inviting and involving tones recounting the history and heroism of World War II at site-specific listening posts on the Liberation Route.
Winston Churchill
Museum audio guide voiceover expert Tim Bick