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Whether you need a voice for a recalcitrant frog or an incontinent vicar, Tim Bick has got you covered with a vast range of nonsensical character voices. An experienced performer in radio comedy sketches and shows, and trained specifically in the art of creating custom character sounds, Tim will loosen his larynx and fatten his pharynx to get the right voice for your particular character.

Tim Knows Radio Comedy…

  • As a former writer and performer of radio sketch comedy, Tim Bick has an appreciation of what works and what’s funny. He takes direction well but is equally at home with directing and producing his own performances.
  • It’s not just the “sound” of the voice that’s important; speech patterns, speed of delivery, and vocal non-dialogue tics all contribute to the character’s makeup.

BBC Comedy Expertise…

  • Tim has voiced a number of announcer-type characters for BBC Radio 4’s Beef and Dairy Network. Check them out below.
Beef and Dairy Network voices
Download the Beef and Dairy voices

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