Children’s Audiobook Voice Over


Children’s classics, bedtime stories, fun educational texts or anything to inspire kids to read - Tim Bick brings children's audiobooks to life with soothing yet characterful and engaging narration that can incorporate a dash of David Attenborough or a soupçon of Stephen Fry.

Books With A Sound Of Wonder…

  • Tim’s voice enchants book listeners with a fun, animated delivery and a sense of wonder
  • A conversational approach to telling the story gives Tim’s reads an intimate quality. It’s as if both reader and listener are discovering a secret world together.
  • He simply lights the fire (all right, puts up a screensaver of a fireplace) in his studio and settles down in his leather wing backed armchair with a microphone.
Children’s Audiobook Demo
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A Trustworthy Narrator…

  • As a voracious reader and erstwhile writer of fiction himself, Tim Bick knows storytelling, and as a professional voiceover artist with numerous videobook and audiobook credits to his name he has a wealth of experience to call on.
  • For the appropriate story, narration with drama and excitement (though not too much if it’s aimed at tiny tots!) can be delivered on cue.
  • And if a book calls for dialogue spoken in character, Tim can create character voices that resonate with charm and personality.
Children's audiobook narrator Tim Bick
Children's audio book narrator Tim Bick
Children's book narrator Tim Bick
British voice actor Tim Bick