How to hire Tim’s voice

If you’ve hired a voice artist before you may have your own preferred procedure, but here’s the basics for those who need to know.

Email or phone and tell me about your project so I can give you a quote. The kind of information I will need: what it is (e.g. explainer video, commercial, e-learning, IVR), where it will appear and the coverage (e.g. TV/radio local or national, internet as pre-roll or client website/Youtube, corporate internal), and the script length as number of words. For guidance on what sort of rates will be quoted, there are a number of resources that I use. For TV commercials broadcast in the UK, usefee is the definitive source. General UK (and many other countries) rates can be found in the Gravy For The Brain rate guide, US-specific rates in the GVAA rate guide, and for work in the German market, Brilliant Voice‘s list is useful.

Also at this point specify whether you would like me to come to a studio of your choosing or record in my own studio, and if the latter, whether you will want to live direct the session (see details further down this page).

Optionally, ask for a no-charge no-commitment sample read of a short portion of your script. You can ask for a particular style of read or you can leave it up to me to interpret the material. I’m used to working with either approach so it’s entirely your choice.

Book me to record the project. For short form material recorded in my own studio you will normally get an audio file back the same day, via Dropbox, Wetransfer, email or whatever method you prefer. And that’s it!

Additional services

If your script has been translated into English from another language and there are grammatical errors or more natural ways of phrasing things, I can suggest some alterations for your consideration. This is a free service. If there is a lot of room for improvement of the script I can provide a partial rewrite on request that will incur a small additional charge.

I can provide a royalty-free music “bed” or sound effects mixed with the voice track. And I can sync my voice record to specific timings in the script/video or to an actor who appears on video.

Live direction

You can direct me while I record in my studio using any of the following;



ipDTL or ipDTL to ISDN

Source Connect Now

Source Connect Standard