Golf ranking explainer video

Official World Golf Ranking explainer

Explanation of golfer ranking rules

Ever wondered how they decide who is the best golfer in the world? Well thanks to my incredibly detailed voice guide to the process by which golfers are ranked, the answer can be revealed and you can relax and stop worrying about it. Having grown up on a diet of 1970s TV sitcoms and celebrity charity golf matches (in his autobiography, erstwhile Radio 1 DJ Ed “Stewpot” Stewart seems to do little else during his later career) it had always appeared to me that 99% of golfers were situated exclusively in Surrey, England. So it was a welcome surprise to find that this final ranking computation all occurs in Virginia Water in Surrey, an almost total vindication of my childhood assumptions. Where Bruce Forsyth and Ronnie Corbett would feature in today’s system though remains shrouded in mystery. Client: Official World Golf Ranking, UK.