TV commercial voiceover

TV commercial voiceover

Reassuring or powerful British male TV commercial voiceover

I was very pleased to be invited by Zoom Films to provide this TV commercial voiceover for Sussex Beds, who just happen to be on my patch here in England’s south east. It turned out to be the first of many commercials I would voice to be broadcast during the day and subsequently in the evening (just after Emmerdale) on ITV Meridian.

Of course, being a commercial for beds, a vocal approach that conveyed relaxation was favoured, and being cosy and comforting sounding have often been a factor in my selection as a voice. This wouldn’t be the first bed advert for which I’ve provided voiceover! And as the ad is promoting a time-limited sale, just a tiny hint of urgency in the voice was needed.

Whether you’re lying in bed with a coffee or sitting up straight in a chair, I am only an email or a phone call away, and I can usually record TV commercial voiceover in my studio the very same day. You have the option to direct remotely or I can simply record and send the audio in any format you like.

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Fiat cars logo

The TV ad above that I voiced for car manufacturer Fiat has more of a storyteller vibe and charts an interesting vocal journey, from comforting and relaxed, to alarming, to relieved and happy for the final message delivery. Your TV commercial voiceover might not need to be an emotional rollercoaster but I’ll bring whatever feeling you need to the voicing.

Or if you need something a bit tougher and grittier sounding, the TV commercial voiceover for a Jaguar car dealer you can hear above might fit the bill. Whatever you need, I can provide a recorded sample of your script free of charge upfront to make sure we get just the tone you want.

Tim Bick - British TV commercial voiceover