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Voice Over Services – Choosing The Right One For Your Business

Voice over services have always been widespread in advertising, but with the advent of the internet, the opportunities to bring your brand to life and to whole new audiences have multiplied. From instructional videos for customers using your products to corporate videos for internal staff training or to showcase your company, there is a panoply of ways that English voice over artists can help contribute to your corporate image. But how successful such promotional material ends up being depends very much on getting the nitty gritty right. And one critical factor in that is choosing the right voice over talent in the first place.

British Male Voice Over Tim BickTips For Deciding Which Voice Over To Use For Your Corporate Materials

One idea is to analyse the messages you’re trying to promote, those that are associated with your information, products, and services. Do you need authority, to position yourself as a cutting edge leader in your field? Or are you looking to attract new customers by presenting yourself as friendly, warm and easygoing? List the emotions you want your listeners to feel as they hear your script’s words spoken and use those to inform your choice of voice over services when you’re auditioning talent. Another good method is to look for recommendations and testimonials for particular voice over services online. A good voice over artist will have a website with a portfolio of their previous projects and clients. A voiceover talent who has carried out projects for companies of a similar size and nature to yours, and with a similar demographic, will be able to demonstrate through positive reviews that they can fulfil your requirements.

How To Get The Best Voice Over Services Rates

Obviously, you will have a budget to deal with and voice over services rates can be dependent on many varying factors. However, to ensure you get a professional job that gets you what you need, you should never simply choose the cheapest service. It’s worth paying professional rates to get a voice over artist who will represent your brand effectively and help generate trust in your company. While you may end up paying a little more upfront, selecting a skilled voice over artist who can convey your company’s values will pay dividends longer term. If your audiences relate to the voice you choose, they will connect on a more emotional level with your business. And that can only improve engagement, which can increase sales and commitment to your brand.

Professional, Warm, Confident and Clear Voice Over Services From Tim Bick Voiceover

If you’re looking for a highly professional and experienced, yet still friendly, characterful and inviting male British voice for your promotional or informational material, you need look no further than Tim Bick Voiceover. With years of voiceover experience and work on stage and on radio, as well as a huge list of clients for my voice over services, I’ll bring a safe pair of hands (and voice) to the script you have in mind. You can find samples of my work at https://timbickvoiceover.co.uk and I’m always happy to record a sample extract of your script so you can check to be sure you’ve got the right voice for you. Contact me to discuss your project today via the contact form on my website or send me an email at tim@timbickvoiceover.co.uk.