The No. 1 David Attenborough voice over – quiet authority

The Leading David Attenborough Voice

Gentle tones of wonder with the voice of David Attenborough

Older David Attenborough voice

If you can’t afford David Attenborough then I will happily fill the gap with a simulacrum of his vocal approach. And of course, over the decades his voice has changed, so you can choose between a slightly older Attenborough as in the audio above, or his younger sound in the examples further down this page.

The video above was a fun script to voice – one Sony camera user taking the mickey out of his fellow Sony camera users on a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana in the chilly North Western USA. I’ve reproduced Attenborough’s mellifluous tones for a large number of clients on TV, radio and the internet.

Wherever you find yourself on Planet Earth, I am only an email or a phone call away, and I can usually record in my studio the very same day. You have the option to direct remotely or I can simply record and send the audio in any format you like, the default being a 16 bit 48KHz WAV file.

Attenborough voice for Bamboo HR
I was asked to voice a radio commercial for Bamboo HR in the style of David Attenborough, where the HR workers are viewed as rare and misunderstood species. This required a rather speeded up approach to Attenborough’s usual leisurely narration since there were only 30 seconds to transmit a fair quantity of information!

Book Tim to record your voiceover in the style of Sir David

Sir David Attenborough voice

I have clients all across the world, such as Amazon, Mercedes and Microsoft, who rely on me for rapid turnaround of voice recordings, usually the same day, and all produced in my soundproofed and acoustically treated studio with top quality equipment such as the iconic Neumann U87 microphone. I am available across time zones, so as long as I’m not sleeping you can contact me extremely quickly via phone or email.

I can record a short sample of your script free of charge so we can get exactly the tone and style you’re looking for – sometimes David Attenborough is simply narrating, but he could just as easily be describing something very quietly as if he’s hiding in the bushes behind a leopard! You get to decide which.

A leopard, yesterday
Tim Bick - David Attenborough impression